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Gossman Pools is the provider of choice for the most dependable pools and splash pads in the industry.

At Gossman Pools, we are committed to providing you with superior products and services. Whether it's a pool that compliments your home and your lifestyle or a splash pad that creates an enhanced water play experience for endless hours of fun, Gossman Pools is the provider of choice.

Superior Pool Construction

We pride ourselves in using only the most technologically advanced, reliable materials from the top manufacturers in the industry. When it comes to your in-ground pool, the substructure makes the difference. We utilize the most powerful and advanced retaining wall system in the industry... Fuzion 5010. This highly engineered reinforced composite material creates benefits such as design versatility, dimensional stability, unparalleled strengths and corrosion resistance.

Premium Splash Pads

At Gossman Pools, our experts carefully design each splash pad using appropriate mechanical systems and water play structures and elements to best suit each individual project. Using the highest quality, top of the line equipment, our splash pads are guaranteed to be safe, durable, low maintenance and environmentally friendly. You can rest assured that our experts will provide an interactive, safe play environment that is easy to operate and maintain.


With a wide array of products, installation and maintenance services, Gossman Pools is your one source for all your in-ground pool and splash pad needs.


It is our experience, knowledge and commitment to quality products and service that makes Gossman Pools unique. We stand behind all of our products. That's why our in-ground pools, splash pads and complimentary products are backed by the best warranties in the industry.


Smart pool and splash pad owners always think safety first. Gossman Pools strongly encourages all pool and splash pad owners to install all recommended safety devices, child safety barriers and practice all safety recommendations.

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4471 Bensman Road
Minster, Ohio 45865

NOTE: Effective April 24th, the Pool Store will be open normal seasonal hours.

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Wednesday: 12 pm - 6 pm
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Saturday: 9 am - 12 pm

For immediate assistance

If you need immediate assistance, or if you are interested in new pool construction, please contact:

Dave Gossman: 419.305.8624
Ann Gossman: 419.733.5795

Call Gossman Pools at 419.925.0710 to set up a complimentary consultation!