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Endless choices for just the right look.

Gossman Pools offers a full line of splash pad products to meet any size project. Whether you require one piece or an entire water playground, Gossman Pools offers endless choices for large volumes of fun and safe water play.


Our splash pad structures have been designed for fun interaction with water movements that allow water to flow, mist, jet, pour, dump, spray, wiggle and spin, for enhanced water play. Structures are made from non-corrosive materials, designed to be easy to operate and safe, with no pinching points or sharp edges.

Optional Control Valves

Most structures can be equipped with optional control valves. The interactive valves allow users to turn the water on and off, in addition to increasing or decreasing the water flow.

Splash Pad Structures
Splash Pad Structures
Splash Pad Structures

Ground Sprays

Ground sprays are fun, heavy, aerated water formations that shoot up from the ground. Users can interact with multiple sprays by plugging individual sprays, causing remaining sprays to shoot higher. With endless options to choose from (misters, jets, bubblers and arches, just to name a few), ground sprays are a perfect addition for any and all age groups.

Splash Pad Ground Sprays
Splash Pad Ground Sprays
Splash Pad Ground Sprays

Themed Elements

Entertaining, popular and recognizable, themes bring splash pad designs to life. Whether you aspire to create a jungle, nautical scene, action-packed zoo, or something completely custom, themed designs serve as focal points and memorable attractions. We offer a variety of themed product lines to provide your project with fun and creative elements.

pool stairs
pool stairs
pool stairs

Custom Elements

Gossman Pools can provide unlimited possibilities for custom elements and themes for your aquatic water park. If you have a concept in mind, Gossman Pools can work with you to bring it to life!

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