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Pool Covers

Seal in the good, keep out the bad, and have a whole lot more fun!

The elements, or anything else for that matter, can't hurt what they can't reach. A pool cover prevents the bad stuff from going in - leaves and dirt - and the good stuff - heat, water and chemicals - from going out. With less time to worry about maintenance, upkeep, maintaining the right chemical and heat levels, and safety - you'll have more time to actually relax and enjoy your swimming pool.

Peace of mind is knowing your family is safe.

Our pool covers meet the ASTM safety pool cover standards, providing a powerful layer of protection for your pool. A pool cover is placed where it needs to be - between the water and your children. Worrying about the safety of loved ones was never a part of your dream. And it shouldn't be.

Gossman Pools carries both automatic pool covers by Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. and Coverstar and manual pool covers by Extreme Safety Covers. Talk to an expert at Gossman Pools to answer your questions, request literature, and find the perfect cover for your pool.

Automatic Pool Cover
Automatic Pool Cover
Automatic Pool Cover
Automatic Pool Cover
Automatic Pool Cover
Automatic Pool Cover

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