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The substructure makes the difference...

Gossman Pools is committed to keeping up with the latest technology in the pool construction industry. Our pool construction components and products are designed and engineered for years of trouble-free use and enjoyment and are backed by superior warranties.

When it comes to your in-ground swimming pool, it's the substructure that makes the difference. Gossman Pools utilizes the Perfect 10 Composite Wall Retaining System featuring Fuzion 5010 composite material.

Perfect 10 Pool Wall Retaining System

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Collaboration between automotive and composite component engineers has created the most powerful and advanced retaining wall system for your swimming pool. By combining the superior process of compression molding with the structural integrity of Fuzion 5010 highly engineered reinforced composite material, an incredibly powerful wall system was created. This resulted in a product with extraordinary durability and dimensional stability that will outperform all other similar products in the most demanding applications and the most extreme environments.

We're so confident in the strength of the Perfect 10 System substructure components, that we offer an unlimited transferable lifetime warranty.

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Benefits of using Fusion 5010 Highly Engineered Reinforced Composite

1. Design Versatility
Highly engineered reinforced composites can be molded to produce almost any shape desired -- large or small, as well as simple or complex. Endless design possibilities with the Perfect 10 System

2. Dimensional Stability
Highly engineered reinforced composites maintain their shapes under intense mechanical and environmental stresses. Fuzion 5010 will maintain its shape permanently.

3. Unparalleled Strengths
Highly engineered reinforced composites are designed to produce a wide range of impact, tensile, and flexural strength properties. Fuzion 5010 won't warp or deform, crack or shear regardless of soil or climate conditions.

4. Corrosion Resistance
Highly engineered reinforced composites do not rust or corrode, and offer various levels of chemical and environmental resistance. Fuzion 5010 will withstand acidic or any other corrosive elements in the soil.

What makes The Perfect 10 System components so strong?
The strength emanates from the continuous fibers fused within the composite material that forms the panels and braces of your retaining wall system. In addition, a layer of concrete (which has similar properties to the composite material) is poured as a final coat, multiplying the strength of your retaining wall system.

The strength is in the 'set'

Fuzion 5010 Highly Engineered Composite

  • Thermoset composite material (polymer, resins, fibers)
  • Structurally reinforced (fused fiber matrix)
  • Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio
  • High impact resistance
  • Non-corrosive (won't oxidize, rot, or rust)
  • Impossible to melt or re-shape after molding
  • Non-reversible process
  • Long life span
Pool Material - Engineered Composite

Concrete Top Layer

  • Composite material with thermoset curing properties (cement and aggregate)
  • Structurally reinforced (rebar and/or fiber mesh)
  • High impact resistance
  • Non-corrosive (won't oxidize, rot, or rust)
  • Non-reversible process after curing
  • Long life span
Pool Material - Concrete
Perfect 10 Composite Retaining Wall System

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