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Pool Care Made Easy

It's a fact of pool ownership - pools require chemicals.

For that sparkling clean pool your family can feel safe swimming in, you have to manage the right balances of chemicals. The wrong mix could create an unfavorable swimming environment and could cost you a lot of money. At Gossman Pools, we are experts in making sure your pool is perfectly balanced and safe for you and your family.

Chemical Program

Mobile Water Testing and Chemical Delivery

Gossman Pools now offers a chemical program which includes on-site water testing and chemical delivery within a 40 mile radius of our store.

A chemical technician will visit your pool bi-weekly to test your water and deliver any chemicals you may need. Additionally, we provide instructions for weekly and monthly maintenance to keep your pool healthy, clean and beautiful all year long!

For more information about our chemical program, contact Gossman Pools at 419-925-0710.

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The Pool Store opens for the season Monday, April 12th!

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For immediate assistance

If you need immediate assistance, or if you are interested in new pool construction, please contact:

Dominic Govert: 260.797.8597

Call Gossman Pools at 419.925.0710 to set up a complimentary consultation!